"Dear Gateau Physical Therapy, Thank you for being a huge part in my joint and pain relief as I age. Thank you to therapists, Danielle and Lindsay for their extreme knowledge and expertise in a variety of treatments. They are compassionate, take the time to explain my therapy, and provide me with home exercises I continue to use to maintain my health. I appreciate Peggy at the front desk who is always pleasant and explains the "healthcare paperwork" process and works with my schedule to fit me in. I can honestly say the whole staff at GPT is kind, pleasant and attentive. I thoroughly believe in Physical Therapy to keep me mobile and pain free. You are the best! "

April H. from Lusby Office

"I have been treated for various problems twice by Gateau Physical Therapy, and my son was treated after a seriously shattered femur. In all cases, the therapy which in my experience had been extremely painful at other places, was calculated to get you flexible and well without unnecessary pain. They accomplished that and brought both of us back to painless flexibility. I would recommend them unreservedly."

Gary C. from Lusby Office

"The main thing I can say is that they are amazing! Every Physical Therapist or assistant shows kindness and care. PT is really hard and they handle you with care and love (and can be tough - when needed). I have been with them through back surgery and knee replacement. I'm getting ready to have the other knee replaced and will not go anywhere else! Thank you for all you do to help people get back to normal life."

Amy K. from Lusby Office

"I had two therapy sessions for a broken leg and lower back pain. All of therapists were very experienced and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them."

Dennis T. from Lusby Office

"This staff is without amazing. I shattered my left shoulder and broke my humorous bone in my left arm in Aug 2020 and they gave me the best care possible. Their caring for the patient is truly unbelievable. I was sad when I was discharged as I know I would miss them but in March 2021 I broke my right shoulder and had to return. I recommend them with the highest standings, they are fabulous. "

SANDRA S. from Lusby Office

"OUTSTANDING.....every one there just perfect. You can't leave there without learning something. They treat you like gold."

William MF.Malloy111. from Lusby Office

"I have had four major back and neck surgeries and now my whole back is fused with rods and screws throughout. When I first arrived I was in terrible pain, but they helped me work through it and encouraged me in every step of the way! The ladies there are absolutely wonderful! I have been having physical therapy since 2019 off and on. It started with aquatic therapy and then I got promoted to land therapy. I can't say enough about everyone there! From the therapists, Danielle and Lindsay, the therapist assistants, Leo and Casey, the tech Jessie, to the front staff, Peggy, Fran, and Katie, I can't say enough about how awesome they are! They are:-)e all very kind, knowledgeable and caring. They truly care about all their patients. They are easy to talk to and if you have questions, they welcome them and never make you feel like you can't accomplish your goals. Even when you don't believe in yourself, they believe in you and encourage you on. For me, I have had to rearrange my whole life to a "new" norm. Danielle helped me so much with preparing me for my "new" norm with suggestions on how to rearrange my house so that I can be self sufficient and not rely on others. I just can't say enough about how see:-)some they all are! I highly recommend Gateau, and no matter who you get, you will be happy. Even the therapist assistants and techs I did not have were all very friendly and kind. They have been a huge lifeline for me!"

Karen W. from Lusby Office

"I highly recommend GPT to anyone needing physical therapy. The staff are very knowledgeable, as evidenced by their patient teaching and careful attention to the details of each patient’s exercise program. Patient safety is a primary concern, and every client is carefully observed as he/she performs exercise. Staff are friendly, as well as compassionate in dealing with each individual. Patients are frequently consulted as to how they feel their exercise program is progressing. The physical plant is clean and well maintained, and equipment is carefully cleaned between patients."

Pat M. from Lusby Office

"PT enabled my knees to become much more flexible, and I now walk with much less pain."

ABG from Lusby Office

"I went to the California office with a lot of hesitation. I had never been to physical therapy and was very nervous. Wyd and Hailey literally changed my life. They are a great team. Wyd is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and kind. Hailey is very helpful, patient and is always smiling. Lori at the front desk is a welcoming face when you first walk in the door. Incredible, incredible, incredible!!!!"

Tracie from California Office

"The best PT experience you’ll find. A very professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff and a full compliment of therapy equipment to address any physical limiting condition. I highly recommend them to everyone. "

Ben P. from Lusby Office

"My son and I both had therapy at the same time for different reasons. Both of us were given individualized attention and plans that resolved our issues. The staff are extremely friendly and made our experience personal. "

Leila H. from California Office


JONES . from Lusby Office

"I’d like to recommend Gateau Physical Therapy, in Lusby, Maryland. Following two knee replacements in 2020, I was seen by their professional and compassionate staff for my physical therapy needs. Not only did they address my rehabilitative needs in an informed and personal manner, they answered questions and provided information and ideas of things I could work on at home. The facility has a very friendly and kind atmosphere, and the helpful front desk staff is a pleasure to see and work with as well. Additionally, the attention and diligence paid to maintaining a Covid preventative facility is constantly evident, and appreciated."

Linda R. from Lusby Office

"Recently, I received excellent rehabilitative care for my injured shoulder at Gateau Therapy's California, MD office. Dr. Nadia, Fred and the rest of the staff provided personalized service in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. They took the time to listen to my concerns and issues in order to develop an individualized rehab program that closely matched my needs. I had an excellent results from my therapy and I highly recommend Gateau Therapy in California, MD to anyone who needs physical therapy services."

Tracey H. from California Office

"Wow.... I cannot say enough about this clinic. Their staff is just simply is amazing, friendly and personable. Pushing me to my limits while allowing me to build my endurance during the rehabilitation (Double knee replacement) I am improving each day…Thanks Danielle "

Randy S. from Lusby Office

"I have been going to Gateau Physical Therapy office in California MD to help me recover from tennis elbow, before surgery and after. I have found the staff to be friendly, and helpful. They have shown me things I can do when I go to the gym that will help to strength the tendons to prevent further injury. I highly recommend them."

Paul S. from California Office

"I have been coming here a little over 7 weeks now and working with Nadia and Fred has truly helped me. I feel as though I am getting stronger everyday with their help. I have recommended Gateau Physical Therapy to everyone that I see. My husband is having surgery soon and I let him know he needs to come here for his therapy. You all are truly amazing so glad I chose to come here for therapy."

tracy . from California Office

"I came in with chronic neck and shoulder pain. After 3 weeks, my neck was no longer in pain and the shoulder is slowly improving. I have been happy with the therapists, the plan of care, and the one to one attention. "

Jennifer from California Office

"I want to thank you for the excellent physical therapy facility you operate in Lusby. Your staff is very competent, professional, positive, and caring. I have recently had a 12 week land and water therapy session for my back and hip pain and am now concluding a month's therapy for a knee replacement. I will be having back surgery in April/May and will again seek therapy from your Lusby staff. I especially want to recognize Danielle Leclerc for her professional skills and her way of frequently adding an extra touch in her care. She really displays her personal concern and encouragement. Thanks for helping me heal. "

P.L. from Lusby Office

"So happy my doctor recommended physical therapy to help with my migraines. The therapists here went above and beyond to help me find a sustainable workout to keep me healthy for years to come. It was super helpful to have the gym attached and to have the PT show me how to.use everything. This has been a great experience. "

Cheyenne Boyd from California Office

"The entire team is very nice, friendly and knowledgeable. Nadia is my PT and Fred Tober is my PTA, and the two together are a great team. My therapy has not been localized to my original issue, but has also developed into expanding my treatment to different exercises to treat parallel issues related to my initial diagnosis. Nadia and Fred explain all aspects of my treatment in full detail and make excellent use of the machines in the gym to diversify the PT workout. I look forward to PT with them each time and I know that my recovery is due to their work with me at the office and the exercises they give me for home. "

Larry V. from California Office

"I have really enjoyed going to Gateau Physical Therapy in California Md. My PT person was Nadia and she was very kind and encouraging! In fact everyone was and it made it a pleasure to go do my PT. 😊 I would highly recommend trying them out if you need PT! 😊 "

Beth B. from California Office

"I know that this is physical therapy, and it is not always going to be comfortable, but I look forward to my appointments because Danielle, Lindsay and Anita make it so worthwhile. The entire staff is friendly and they go out of their way to make sure that you get the appointments and information that you need. I give them a 5 star rating!"

Beth L. from Lusby Office

"My experience at GPT began with a careful evaluation of painful areas and then my therapists drafted a plan on how to improve my arm. Throughout my treatment the therapists encouraged and challenged me where appropriate to improve. All of the staff worked together as a team and the therapists demonstrate a business like and compassionate demeanor. I have had a better experience with the receptionist and billing department at GPT than at previously visited offices. "

DD from California Office

"Very good experience. Highly recommend. Very friendly and flexible. I had back pain, upper and lower, and after they worked with me, the pains were near gone. The exercises they taught me still help me. "

Leah S. from Lusby Office

"After injuring a shoulder the staff at Gateau in California, MD were great. I feel much better, they never rushed my visits and humor was always a plus. I would recommend this PT office to everyone."

Laurie H. from California Office

"I received care at the California location for weakness following a total hip replacement a year ago. The therapists always made sure I was comfortable and took great care of me. The facility is clean and modern. I plan to also participate in the Medically Oriented Gym transition program available to patients after graduation."

Audrey from California Office

"I received care at Gateau PT for 8 months to relieve pain from a pinched nerve and then following cervical fusion to improve strength and mobility. My experience was awesome. The therapists made me more comfortable making the unbearable bearable. The staff gives great care and are fun to talk to! I found the staff to be more caring and personable compared to other PT/medical offices."

SP from California Office

"It was a great pleasure working with therapists who truly adhere to the GPT motto of "Professional Treatment with Personal Care". "

Kenneth C. from California Office

"From being in my profession for over 30 years, I have acquired some repetitive motion injuries. Thanks to the wonderful staff at GPT, my pain level has decreased and my range of motion has increased. Thanks!"

Louis S. from Lusby Office

"My condition progressively got better with less pain. The therapists were very friendly and the facility is clean. "

CH from California Office

"At first physical therapy was hard and scary but by the end it was a breeze and they conditioned my body so well I transitioned into the regular gym right after. The staff was personal, compassionate and positive."

MAC from California Office

"I appreciated the professional and friendly care that I received during my rehab treatment. The staff was knowledgable, positive, encouraging, and goal oriented. I appreciated their personal approach and open communication that allowed for feedback. Highly recommend Gateau Therapy!"

Jake H. from California Office

"I went for therapy to relieve lower back and hip pains. They started me on a regimen of exercises to strengthen my core muscles and improve my mobility and flexibility. Over the period of time that I was being treated, I worked with several of the therapists and it didn't matter which one I was seeing during that session, it was if I saw the same one every time, they all were well informed with what had been discussed and resolved at previous sessions. In the end, my flexibility has improved and will get even better with continued exercise at home and I have learned a whole group of new exercises that will improve my general fitness and that won't aggravate my hip issues, so I'm a happy camper. The whole Gateau staff was great, from the front desk to the assistants to the therapists. They all had a great attitude and I was treated like a long time client from the very first visit. If I need therapy in the future, I know where I will go to get it."

Steve L. - a satisfied client from California Office

"I appreciate that the PTs here didn't just want me to get 'well enough', they listened to my goals, and get WELL."

Happy back care patient from California Office

"The therapists were very encouraging and supportive through the entire process. My therapist Elizabeth made me laugh during the most difficult times and answered any questions I had about my treatment. I felt that the staff professional and compassionate. I appreciated that the office did not overbook and I was able to have my own treatment room to spend one on one time with my therapist."

RM from California Office

"The overall experience was very positive. The staff made what could be a painful, unpleasant experience extremely tolerable and rewarding. The staff is friendly, considerate, and encouraging."

KL from California Office

"I have only positive things to say about my recovery. Everyone at GPT was friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging, especially Jillian and Bonnie. The massage, even though painful, provided the most noticeable improvement each week. The treatment was more designed for my personal situation and not a "one size fits all" option."

Former Patient from California Office

"I had a great experience. The physical therapists were very helpful and the treatment was extremely effective. I always looked forward to coming in. This experience was 350% better than my other PT experience at a different provider. "

Tom Florip from California Office

"PTs, therapists, and assistants are the best. They are all so professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. All the staff are fantastic and welcoming!"

Linda Dean from California Office

"Great team of pros! Everyone at the clinic goes above and beyond to show great customer service and excellent treatment and care. By far, one of the best staffs and group of people I have met and encountered. Continued progression and new exercises and stretches readily available for strength and conditioning so the program never plateaued. Great physical therapists and staff!"

D. McNeil from California Office

"The treatments in 2014 and now have resulted in considerably more flexibility, both in my left bicep in 2014 and my right shoulder presently. The therapists are very understanding with me in providing appropriate treatment. Both experiences have been great!"

Former Patient from California Office

"Having PT to relieve residual pain after back surgery...the staff at GPT is excellent! Receptionists, therapists and support staff are all very professional; decidedly friendly and patient. They "know their stuff " and I'm seeing improvement!"

Current patient from Lusby Office

"Customized treatment program, staff very knowledgeable and helpful, modification of program to address specific problem areas."

Former Patient from California Office

"The staff are very friendly and very caring. They give you their full attention and work hard to make you better."

N.P. from California Office

"Patient for 2 months for frozen shoulder. Experience was great! First, it worked! I had very limited use of my right arm, but after just a few sessions I was at about 90%, and 100% after 2 months. It is important to note how professional and pleasant the staff is. In addition to being experts in physical therapy, they are obviously trained thoroughly on office procedures. For example, all the staff consistently ask how you are doing and if you have any pain. And their ability to manage the time was remarkable--there were literally no waisted minutes. Multiple staff members were aware of my regime and took turns timing me and directing me. Great job eveyone, especially my primary therapist Jill!"

Former Patient from California Office

" I was very pleased with the treatment I received. It definitely helped me, my leg was much stronger, and I was able to be more active, by the time I finished my treatments. All the people who work there were very friendly and made me feel that they really cared about their patients. I would recommend them to other people. "

Former Patient from California Office

"Jill was my primary therapist and she was awesome. I will miss my Friday mornings with her. All the PTs/PTAs were great. They fixed me! "

Former Patient from California Office

"Excellent care, great staff, very personable. Appointments always on time. Jill and her assistants always make me feel comfortable. Amanda always keeping me informed of insurance issues."

Former Patient from California Office

"The physical therapy I received was excellent. Everyone, from the front desk to the staff, were very professional and caring. "

Former Patient from California Office

"My experience was great. The therapists are very professional and worked with me every time so I can see the improvement."

Former Patient from California Office

"This has been a comforting, humane, sympathetic & rigorous experience. The therapists know the drill thoroughly and prepared me well for surgery. This office differs from others with the feeling of personal connection and simple human concern for me."

K.M. from Lusby Office

"The therapists are very caring and professional. I have felt very at home with all of the staff. The treatments have enabled me to walk with little difficulty. This is the best facility that I have been a patient at."

H.R. from Lusby Office

"I have the highest regard for the care and treatment I have received in the past for several issues that needed physical therapy. The entire stafffrom front desk to physicl therapy aid to physical therapist is professional and they work carefully with me so my issues were pain free. I highly recommend them and suggest that you give them a try."

Former Patient from California Office


I was referred twice - once for lower back problems and again for chronic headaches. My treatments for my back was of questionable success as I think most back treatments are. I must admit that I did not do my homework very well either.

The second set of visits were done only because the doctor prescribed them - but I was very skeptical. I had been having daily migraines for 15 years and nothing had helped. But because the doctor said to do it I agreed to give it a try. I realized after 2-3 weeks the intensity and frequency of headaches diminished and gradually they disappeared completely---to my amazement. No other drugs or treatment or therapy had worked in 15 years but now I am headache free. Dr. Jill has saved my life! I had what another therapist called PT in the past, but it was a joke compared to the therapy at Gateau!


I received therapy which included stretches and exercises for a pinched nerve in my neck. The staff are all courteous and professional. They worked with me to not only fix my issues but instruct and educate me along the way to teach me how to prevent them from recurring. This is my first experience with physical therapy. I will definitely return to Gateau if needed. I will also refer my family and friends for therapy or to use the gym.


Outstanding! The entire staff from the therapists to the assistants and admin support are extremely helpful, kind, and positive. I looked forward to coming for each session. They helped me strengthen the muscles and ligaments in my shoulder and improved my range of motion significantly. I can now swim pain-free for the first time in months. They also developed a strength program which I began in the M.O.G. three weeks ago. I expect that I will be able to compete in triathlons this summer without fear of pain and with confidence that I am fit to do my best.


I wanted to take this time to thank the staff of Gateau Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for their wonderful care during my recent rehabilitation.

Last autumn, I fell and hurt my knee. My doctor told me that not only did I have a minor tear in my knee but had osteoarthritis. His suggestion was that I go to Physical Therapy instead of surgery as the tear was minor.

When I started my course of Physical Therapy I could walk only a half a mile with minor knee pain. I now walk four miles four days a week without pain, in addition to other physical activities that I previously could not enjoy

I believe that the staff provided well thought out plans that brought me along in the gradual strengthening of joint support. This saved me from myself as I tend to go too hard too soon and then stop to recover from injuries. The plan addressed the fact that osteoarthritis affects more than just the knees and provided strengthening to in addition include back and arms. I have completed my prescribed course of physical therapy and I have joined their Gym and Waterworks programs. This allows me to continue my exercise program in a friendly and supportive environment.

If any additional physical therapy is required as the result of the ongoing joy of osteoarthritis or any other injury I will go to Gateau Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

I strongly recommend Gateau Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for the range of services that they provide from Physical Therapy to general fitness maintenance as provided by their gym and waterworks programs.

Stephen P. Haimbach Ph.D.
July 15, 2014

I would be remiss if I did not write and let you know how pleased I have been with the therapy I received at your Lusby facility. On January 10, 2013, I had a total knee replacement and have been receiving physical therapy at Gateau three day a week.

The professionalism of your staff, especially Julie and Anita, has been exemplary. They display not only a thorough knowledge of their craft but personal and caring concern for my individual needs as a patient. This is very difficult to find in a medical environment today.

Please pass on to all your employees at the Lusby Gateau facility my deep appreciation for all they did to assist in my rehabilitation. My knee is greatly improved due in large measure to their efforts.

I am happy to recommend Gateau to anyone I might know who needs good, in-depth, professional physical therapy.


Molly was extremely proactive in researching my surgery and explained the procedure better to me than my surgeon. Crystal is a keeper. Her hands are magic!

Tom J.

The quality of care I received from all the staff was excellent. If I called, Kathy and Jean were always very pleasant and helpful. My therapy was mostly with Molly and she was exceptional. This was a very rough time for me, being it was a revision and I was scared, but Molly always answered questions and made suggestions. Thanks to all of you and God bless you all. I would recommend and will to anyone I come in contact with that needs therapy.

Kathy M.

Everyone at Gateau was super! I've told friends and my surgeon, Dr. Henderson, how exceptional the therapy was at Gateau. Thanks to all!

Patricia H.

I would like to take a moment to personally thank your employee, Ellie. Her professionalism, pleasant personality, and ability to tailor a physical therapy program to match my specific needs significantly reduced my estimated recovery time from eight months to three months.

My surgeon stated during my final progress check that the speed of my recovery was "phenomenal" given the severity of the surgery. Ellie played a significant role in helping me to return to my active lifestyle.

L. Moore

All employees and therapists are friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and help me, mind, spirit and body (it takes all 3 to heal). Thank you Lindsay, Danielle, Anita, Mary, Peggy, Fran, Janice and sweet Lisa. Lisa greets me with her loving smile and lifts my spirit. Peggy is so pleasant. She remembers if you want to be worked in on days when there are no appointments. If she has a cancellation, she has called me. I like your friendly reminder voicemail.

I just love your office and their treatment has kept me going to alleviate neck and back therapy. They deserve a special day off - Right?

V. Signor

I would like to thank the Gateau Physical Therapy staff for helping me when I came to therapy. I was in bad shape. I couldn't make my bed or mop my floors. Now I can do all of these things, thanks to them. I would recommend Gateau Physical Therapy to any one. Thanks much.

B. Portel

I have been to other therapy facilities following numerous surgeries and they don't even compare to the excellent treatment I received from Gateau Physical Therapy. They went above and beyond to help me with my pain. The friendliness of the staff made me want to go to therapy and look forward to going. I will definitely be returning one day for therapy again. I will also be recommending this facility to friends and family. I thank Bonnie and Ellie from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me. Until I see you again.

D. Lacey

This was my 1st experience with physical therapy. Though I had no previous therapy, I cannot think of one thing that needs to be improved on. Gateau therapists and staff were excellent in their interaction with me from start to finish. After trying multiple avenues to reduce or eliminate the ache in my lower back, left side, my Doctor recommended physical therapy. A friend of mine who had been a patient of Gateau Physical Therapy referred me to their group. From the initial evaluation to my discharge, I was very pleased with the entire process. I began therapy with a pain level of about "6". As my therapy continued from week to week the ache/pain decreased at a steady rate. When I completed my therapy, the ache/pain was gone. The only time I feel the slightest bit of pain is when I overexert myself dancing.

One note to all future patients: "Be sure to follow up with your recommended exercises at home". It really helped me reach my goal. I am still doing my listed exercises once a day at home.

I am so pleased that my friend referred me to Gateau Physical Therapy.

S. Holt

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was seen by my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Richard Cirillo. He first advised me that he had already received a report from you that recommended my release from physical therapy.

Following his exam of my shoulder, which included range of motion and strength tests, he told me how satisfied he was with my progress and cleared me for all physical activity, including golf. Following a short celebration, I remarked to him that I think the most important key to my pain-free recovery was the daily compliance with the regimen taught to me at Gateau Physical Therapy.

Therefore, in addition to responding to your survey, I wanted to compliment you and your staff for all you did for me during my recovery period. I appreciated everyone's cheerful greeting upon arrival for a PT session and their concern for how everything had gone since the previous appointment. The skills of your Therapists, Ellie, Jenelle and of course you, are superb and I would like to express my thanks for a job well done. In Navy signal flag terms we call it "Bravo Zulu!"

Thanking you for all your help, I remain sincerely yours.

W.A. Putnam

I showed up for my first appointment shuffling down the hall with my walker. I had knee surgery and my leg was weak and I couldn't straighten or bend my leg completely. One of the therapists evaluated my condition and developed an exercise plan to be used with the therapist and at home. These exercises helped significantly. Gradually the therapist increased the difficulty of the exercises as they saw my strength and flexibility improving.

These exercises led to my graduating from a walker to a cane and eventually to walking without any aids. At the end of the rehabilitation process, I regained full leg strength and leg flexibility, enabling me to bend my leg as I did before I had knee problems.

Not only did the therapists produce the results I expected, but also they were jovial, making the entire rehabilitation process as enjoyable as possible.

My thanks to the entire office and therapy staff.

S. Sadler

The physical therapy I received greatly improved the flexibility and range of movement of my knees and significant reduction of pain associated with arthritis. The home exercises are also continuing to improve mobility and strength of my knees and calves.

The staff members who administered the therapy were polite, concerned and thorough in all therapy sessions. They were meticulous in asking pertinent questions relating to my discomfort or restrictions in mobility experienced between sessions.

I highly recommend Gateau Physical Therapy for condition improvement in a positive atmosphere.

W. Stone

I came to GPT for lower back pain. I would sometimes have pain radiate down both legs. All the therapists there worked very hard with me to get me better and back to normal. They gave me homework exercises I could do at home, and they dedicated one full hour to me there at their facility every visit. I received treatment by exercises, massages and finally traction.

GPT will work with your needs. I was only able to come once a week and they made sure I was able to do some things at home to speed my recovery.

I thank each and every one of them there for all the time and effort they put into patients.

Thanks again for all your time with me and your dedication to getting all your patients better. GPT ROCKS!!


My experience with Gateau Physical Therapy was a welcomed relief. From the receptionist to the therapist, I was always met with a friendly and warm greeting. The Therapist made it feel like it was a friendly atmosphere, putting me at ease, explaining what was being done and why.

Everyone at Gateau Physical Therapy made it worthwhile going for therapy. In the past I feared therapists because sometimes they made the therapy hurt more than the injury.

Gateau Physical Therapy has changed my mind about therapy. I was asked what would I change, my reply was 'DON'T MESS WITH PERFECTION!'

Steven S.

This is a testimonial to the adeptness and knowledge of the staff at Gateau Physical Therapy. When I started coming to Gateau, I had an extremely limited range of motion and an extreme amount of pain with my left shoulder when I used it. The Veterans Hospital in Baltimore recommended me for what they were calling a pain management surgery. I was told there was no guarantee that I would even regain any of my range of motion, just that it would relive meof the extreme pain when I moved. When I started going for P.T. in August of 2002 the limits of my range of motion were terrible. After my surgery on November 7, 2002 the therapist took measurements of my range of motion. They were:

Flexion 69°
Abduction 70°
Internal Rotation 78°
External Rotation

This was movement of my shoulder done by manual manipulation. The last measurements taken in the same manner were:

Flexion 146°
Abduction 121°
Internal Rotation 82°
External Rotation 62°

To my way of seeing things this for me is like a miracle from God aided by the therapist. With the very able and knowledgeable assistance and instruction from my therapist; I have a new lease on the use of my left arm, even though the surgery has severely limited my lifting ability as I was informed by the orthopedic surgeon who replaced my shoulder from 70 lbs+ to less than 20 lbs. I can move my arm and shoulder with little or no pain. Thank you to all that have worked with med at Gateau Physical Therapy.

Edwin S.

I started therapy at Gateau Physical Therapy, two weeks after surgery on my elbow. The pool was a great way to start. After six weeks in the pool, my wife and I continued into the gym program. The supervised exercises have me in the best shape I've been in for a long time. The center and staff have been great.

Hugh D.

I came to Gateau to rehabilitate after a fairly major back surgery, a fusion of L2/3 through S2. At the time that I came to Gateau my movements were limited and painful. In my first month or two I worked mainly with Lindsay, but over time came to work with all of the therapy staff. Each of the therapists had their own particular strengths but were all excellent. Without exception they were helpful, energetic, encouraging and thoughtful. I came to really enjoy coming to therapy, in spite of the hard work, because I could see the progress I was making in getting back my pain-free mobility. The therapist oversaw my exercises, provided manual work, and suggested exercises I could do on my own.

I really can't say enough good things about my experience with Gateau and the therapists there. I would recommend them enthusiastically and without any reservation.

Rev. Dr. Gregory Gaetner

After having rotator cuff surgery in June, I came to Gateau for therapy. I had been advised by a doctor that I was looking at about a year of therapy. Much to my surprise I was dismissed by my doctor after only 4 months. I diligently did the therapy exercises which accelerated my recovery, but I would not have been successful without the guidance of the therapists at Gateau. Their knowledge, patience, and encouragement meant everything. While there I met with several of the therapists and they all were very professional. Appointment times were set up for my convenience and their hours of operation are set up for the patient's convenience. Even the receptionist is a model of efficiency with arranging appointments and call reminders.

Jean O.

I came to Gateau Physical Therapy with an injured shoulder and was unable to lift my arm. The therapist implemented a heat treatment and manual manipulation of the arm to relieve the pain. The therapist designed an exercise program to strengthen the muscles involved, to keep this from reoccurring. Thanks to Gateau Physical Therapy, I have regained full use of my arm and shoulder. I also have osteoporosis and the therapist has designed exercises that I can pursue that will also avoid injury. I have since joined the Gym exercise program, with my husband and we both come regularly. Gateau Physical Therapy has a wonderful support staff and everyone goes the extra mile to make the patient feel at home. They are just like family. God Bless Gateau. Thanks to all you.

Freda F.

Was welcomed by courteous receptionist every visit and then brought back PROMPTLY to work one-on-one with a therapist. Over my months of therapy, I was taken care of by wonderful therapists that carefully, through different exercises, gently worked with me to obtain my and my physician’s goal. Each and every employee was professional, confidential, courteous, and caring. Everyone was happy with their jobs and it showed in their awesome, pleasant personalities.

Happy staff makes happy patients. I was equally impressed that they took the time to assist a gentleman learning the profession by allowing him to do clinical learning skills. We all started somewhere and I’m sure he was able to learn a lot. “Share the Care”.

Nancy Lorraine