Pre- and Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation At Gateau Physical therapy, we offer both pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation services. Pre-surgical rehabilitation is most commonly performed (but not limited to) with patients before a total hip or knee replacement. Pre-operative care better prepares patients for post-operative rehabilitation through education on assistive device use, plan for recovery and by managing post-operative expectations. It has also been found that pre-operative care can improve a patient’s strength and ROM and thus improve functional outcomes post-operatively. This leads to a decreased need for post acute care services such as a nursing home or in home care and creates a health care cost savings of up to $1,000.00 per patient.

Typically patients will be referred to physical therapy by their surgeon following surgery. Your surgeon will likely have specific orders based on the procedure he or she performed. They may specify these orders on a prescription or give you a post-operative protocol. Your therapist will use these as a guideline for your care. Additionally, your therapist will communicate with your surgeon as necessary regarding your progress. The duration of care after surgery depends on your surgeon’s specifications and how quickly you progress. Commonly treated surgeries include but are not limited to: rotator cuff repair, shoulder labral repair, cervical fusion, lumbar fusion, lumbar discectomy, hip replacement, hip labral repair, knee arthroscope, knee replacement, ACL repair, Achilles tendon repairs and other ankle ligment/tendon reconstruction. If you know that physical therapy will be required after your surgery, please contact our office before your procedure to schedule your post-operative appointments.