Gateau Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

This program is designed for a broad spectrum of runners, from the beginner wanting to learn proper running techniques to reduce the risk of injuries or for the elite athlete looking to fine tune his/her current running style.

The video assessment is performed on a treadmill and a camera is used to capture motion frame by frame. We use a systematic approach to assess posture and joint mechanics from head to toe. When combined with the results of strength/flexibility assessment, we are able to provide an individualized comprehensive program to ensure a healthier running lifestyle.

What’s unique about this program?

Our running assessment is performed by a skilled therapist and utilizes video capture to examine potential deficits in running mechanics. The initial 90-minute assessment includes a review of the client’s history, training log, and running goals followed by a formal musculoskeletal evaluation and video capture.

A second 60-minute visit includes review of the video analysis with the client to provide strategies to correct running mechanic deviations, an individualized home exercise program to address weaknesses and deficits noted on the musculoskeletal evaluation, and recommendations for proper footwear and/or orthotics as needed.

Program fees:

Appointments for the running assessment with video analysis can be made through the Lusby location (video analysis will be performed at our Medically Oriented Gym location) at 410-326-3432.

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