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Gateau Physical Therapy and The Medically Oriented Gym Are Excited to Introduce BrainyEX!

by Meghan O. Haus, DPT, May 12, 2016

Gateau Physical Therapy and The Medically Oriented Gym Are Excited to Introduce BrainyEX!

What is BrainyEX?:
BrainyEX is our introduction to exercise and brain health education program. BrainyEX is the first research-based aerobic exercise and brain health program that creates a powerful, hopeful, healthy solution to living at the top of your game mentally and physically. BrainyEX sessions include an aerobic workout, cognitive training and lifestyle education. Performing aerobic exercise improves your cardiovascular health and boosts your mood and energy levels all while stimulating important brain chemistry that improves brain health. Performing cognitive training during and following aerobic exercise helps to improve key functions to make a difference in your everyday life.

Who would benefit from BrainyEX?:

Anyone can benefit from BrainyEX! Appropriate clientele includes baby boomers, business executives, those suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome (Athletes), Post-Operative Syndrome (Orthopedics), PTSD (Vets), Post Chemo Syndrome (Cancer),  and those with neurological diagnoses such as Parkinson’s, CVA, MS, and ALS.

What does the program entail?:

The program ranges from 8- 12 weeks. Before your first session, you will start with a personalized fitness assessment and cognitive evaluation. One day a week, you will work with a certified Brain Coach. You coach will equip you with the resources needed to reach your individual cognitive and fitness goals. After completing 7 sessions you will receive a re-evaluation to assess your progress and determine if further sessions would be beneficial or if you are able to graduate to completing your activities independently.

For more information:

Please contact one of our offices or the Medically Oriented Gym today for more information about this program!

California office: (301) 862-5177

Lusby office: (410) 326-3432

Medically Oriented Gym (located adjacent to California office): (301) 866-5444