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Pre-operative Program for Total Hip and Knee Joint replacements!

by Meghan Haus, DPT, April 22, 2016

Pre-operative program now offered at Gateau Physical Therapy and the Medically Oriented Gym for Total Hip and Knee Joint replacements!

With the evidence for positive outcomes with pre-operative physical therapy care for total hip and knee joint replacement surgery’s we felt it was time to develop a program within our practice. Pre-operative care better prepares patients for post-operative rehabilitation through education on assistive device use, plan for recovery and by managing post-operative expectations. It has also been found that pre-operative care can improve a patient’s strength and ROM and thus improve functional outcomes post-operatively. This leads to a decreased need for post acute care services such as nursing home or in home care, and thus a health care cost savings of up to $1,000.00 per patient.

We are now offering a comprehensive program with the Medically Oriented Gym. Patients will be evaluated by a physical therapist and provided with an appropriate exercise program. Skilled services are intended to last 1-2 visits, however, treatment will be dependent on the patients needs. Once appropriate the patient will be discharged to one FREE month in our Medically Oriented gym performing a prescribed exercise program under the guidance of our exercise physiologists. This will encourage patients to consistently perform pre-operative exercises and also conserve insurance benefits and financial resources for post-operative care. We plan to track pre-operative and post-operative outcomes including extremity ROM, strength, pain levels and functional abilities. If you are interested in this program please contact one of our offices for more information!

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